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Expert opinion from Guinness Global Investors features in a variety of media.


Expert opinion from Guinness Global Investors features in a variety of media.


Mid-Caps: A Sweet Spot for Growth and Sustainable Investing

Often misunderstood or overlooked, mid-capitalisation (“mid-cap”) stocks can offer investors…

Viewpoint - Issue 56 Spotlight

In their latest issue, Viewpoint provide a spotlight to Guinness Global Investors' Dr Ian Mortimer…

Professional Adviser - Feel Good Friday: Wren Sterling office bake for cancer fundraiser

In this live blog, Professional Adviser brings together all the different good deeds happening…

Bloomberg - China Market Gloom Spurs Fund Managers to Seek for Hidden Gems

The relentless selloff in Chinese stocks has made the market the worst performer in the…

Portfolio Adviser - Guinness’s Harriss and Malik on China’s macro discount

Guinness Greater China managers Edmund Harriss and Sharukh Malik rejected narratives that the…

This is Money - Guinness Global Innovators: Approach gives 200% return

Investment fund Guinness Global Innovators makes money for investors by taking stakes in…

Cera to save the NHS £100m by delivering five million home care visits

Cera pledges to deliver five million care visits this winter to ensure a large proportion of…

Morningstar - The UK’s Greenest Funds

We've set out to identify some funds that actively invest to make an impact, score well on our…

Your Money - The top performing sectors and funds of the summer

These are the funds and sectors which blossomed over the summer.


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Video - May 2023

Why Guinness for Sustainability

At Guinness we have over 24 years of energy investing experience, which combined with our unique investment universe design makes a strong case for Guinness Sustainable Energy. Listen to our portfolio manager Jonathan Waghorn explain.