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Company Summary

Forestreet is a B2B SaaS business providing market data for competitive intelligence, market mapping, M&A target lists and technology advisory. It was set up in 2017 by Alex Miller (Octopus, Lloyds Banking Group) and David Doyle (PwC). Forestreet have developed an automated research platform that can map every company and product in a market down to feature level on demand to provide real-time, data-led insights. Forestreet’s mission is to democratise data and provide unbiased insights to the world’s technology markets ignoring marketing spend and spin, ensuring all companies can access insights to support innovation and productivity. As a certified B-Corp, Forestreet is committed to being a net-zero business, achieving its goals without damage to the social or physical environment, ensuring their approach is always ethical and accessible to businesses of all sizes.


Trading name Forestreet
Sector Technology
Founders Alex Miller, David Doyle
Date invested 31/03/2022
Date founded 2017
Status Current Investment