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Direct Investment via an Application Form

Individual clients, companies and nominees can invest via an application form. Minimum investment levels apply for some share classes.

Please complete the application form and send it with payment and anti-money laundering documentation to the relevant administrator. For details, please see the relevant application form.

Guinness Asset Management Funds plc
Dublin-domiciled OEIC administered by Link Fund Administrators (Ireland) Ltd.

WS Guinness Investment Funds
UK-domiciled OEIC administered by Waystone Management (UK) Limited.

WS Guinness Global Energy Fund
UK-domiciled Unit Trust administered by Waystone Management (UK) Limited.

Waystone Management (UK) Limited offers ISA investments in the WS Guinness funds to UK investors.


Application Forms



Guinness EIS - Professional Advisers Only - Application

Guinness AIM EIS - Professional Advisers Only - Application

Guinness Asset Management Funds plc - Application Form

WS Guinness Investment Funds - Application Form

WS Guinness Global Energy Fund - Application Form

Guinness SEPS Advised Application Form

How do I send the payment for the investment?

You can send payment by bank transfer.

When sending payment by bank transfer, please fax the application form to the Administrator AND send the original by post. Payment for applications must be received in cleared funds within three days of the date of the application.

The fax number, address and payment instructions are included in the application form.


What information will I receive after investment?

Upon investment you will receive by email a contract to confirm your client’s purchase of our Fund(s), and a monthly statement of the holding. Each year you will receive by email the interim and final Report and Accounts for Guinness Asset Management Funds plc, the Funds’ umbrella investment company.


How do I make an additional investment?

Your client need only complete the Application Form in full for the first investment in one of our Funds. This application form serves as an account opening instruction covering all of our Funds; any subsequent investment does not require completion of the full application form. Subsequent investments into any of our Funds can be made via a simple written instruction sent to the Administrator with payment as per the instructions above.


How do I redeem the investment?

For direct investments, you must submit a redemption form signed as appropriate by the underlying investor. Once you fax this to our administrator the instruction will be carried out that dealing day if received before 3pm (Dublin Time), otherwise it will be carried out the next dealing day. Please note that no payment will be made until the administrator has received the original redemption form in the post.

Fund Prices

The Funds are priced every working day at 23.00 Dublin time and updated here the following day.