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Sustainable Infrastructure Service


The Guinness Sustainable Infrastructure Service (GSIS) is a simple and effective estate planning solution. The Business Relief qualifying service invests in commercial and residential roof top solar projects in the UK. These projects have predictable revenues, low technology risk and low correlation to other asset classes.

Currently 85% of the investment company’s revenue are from government backed Feed-in Tariffs and Renewable Obligation Certificates. The inflation links, high cash generation and long life of rooftop solar assets make them a good fit for investors looking to preserve and pass on their estates to future generations.

There is no close date for investment into the service.

Why Invest in Guinness Sustainable Infrastructure Service

We are focused on capital preservation and are targeting a minimum 5 per cent per annum return for Investors.

Sustainable Energy projects generally have predictable, long term visibility of cash flows and index-linked returns.

There are no initial fees for advised Investors.

Regular share redemption opportunities available. Redemptions may be made after the first 12 months.

Once held for two years, Business Relief qualifying investments effectively fall outside your estate for IHT purposes.

You can choose to make regular or ad hoc share redemptions.

Guinness Sustainable Infrastructure – Investment Strategy

What will the Guinness Sustainable Infrastructure Service invest in?

We have a conservative investment process to manage risk for Investors. Our investment strategy is designed to avoid taking unnecessary risks by staying within some simple guidelines.

We outline those guidelines below:


Sustainable Energy

Subscriptions will be invested in companies to help finance the construction, ownership and operation of their Sustainable Energy businesses. These projects are characterised by generally long-term, stable, inflation-linked revenues.



We only intend to make investments into companies and assets that are located in the UK. This means that projects operate within the UK’s stable legal and regulatory framework.



Diversification will be achieved by investing in multiple Sustainable Energy projects.


Proven Technologies

The Investment Manager minimises technology risk by only investing in projects which use proven technologies that have an established operating history, such as solar PV and hydro.


Consented Projects

The Investment Manager believes the optimal trade-off between development risk and financial return can be achieved by investing in businesses whose projects have already obtained the required permissions and consents, either before it has started construction or when operational.


Strong Counterparties

The Investment Manager will seek to work with companies whose project developers and construction and contractors have a successful track record of delivering operating projects on time and on budget.



Guinness Sustainable Infrastructure Service Summary Document

Guinness Sustainable Infrastructure Service Information Memorandum

Guinness Sustainable Infrastructure Service Application Form


Guinness Sustainable Infrastructure Service Application Form